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Shark Cage Diving Around the World: The Farallons, Bahamas, South Aftica, Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Cage Diving Around the World
with Incredible Adventures

Four incredible locations for shark cage diving adventures and expeditions:

Cage Diver San Francisco

Cage dive with great white sharks the size of cars. Travel 30 miles offshore to San Francisco's Farallon Islands for an incredible day (or two) of shark diving. The Farallones are considered one of the top hotspots for great white shark viewing in the world.

Cage Diver Mexico

Currently Unavailable - Live-aboard adventure to the newly discovered and pristine Isla Guadalupe site off the coast of Mexico. You will have the opportunity to dive with Great White Sharks in the year-round marine habitat and hunting grounds of 10-18 foot Great Whites and Mako sharks.

Cage Diver Bahamas

Cage dive in the crystal clear water of the Bahamas with tiger sharks, reef sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads and more. Incredible Adventures offers one-day cage diving expeditions to Grand Bahama Island's Tiger Beach and to some of the best shark viewing spots off Bimini.

Cage Diver South Africa

Travel to the Great White Shark Capital of the World. South Africa has the largest population of viewable great whites on the planet. Cage dives take place south of Cape Town, in the town of Gansbaai. See for yourself why they call it Shark Alley.

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