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Video: Shark Diving, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

Shark Diving: Isla Guadalupe Mexico

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Cage Diver Isla Guadalupe

Isla Guadalupe - An Incredible Shark Adventure

Travel to the crystal clear waters of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, aboard a luxury liveaboard custom-built for smooth sailing in rough waters. Isla Guadalupe is considered one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks.

Spend three adrenaline-filled days cage diving in multiple shark cages. It's an incredible adventure open to both certified divers and non-divers.

Sheri's Incredible Shark Adventure: Photos & Video

Shark Adventures
Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
Sample Itinerary
(Nautilus Explorer)

Day 1

Arrive either San Diego, California or Tijuana, Mexico to begin your adventure with great white sharks! We will have a hospitality suite available in both cities after 1pm. "Meet and greet" with one of our staff members in the late afternoon and transfer to the ship in Ensenada by chartered highway coach. The trip itinerary and transfer should be seamless - the driving time from San Diego to Tijuana is 1 hour and then it's another 75 minutes of driving time to our berth in Ensenada. Evening departure and overnight run to Guadalupe Island. The Nautilus Explorer is a heavy, steel, stabilized ship and the downhill run in open ocean should be quite comfortable.

Day 2

At sea. Welcome Aboard safety briefing. Presentation on Guadalupe great white sharks. Afternoon video and cocktail hour. Arrival at our sheltered anchorage at Guadalupe Island just before dinner time. We will put our shark cages in the water tonight.

Day 3

Cages open for diving at 0630. Shoreline expeditions daily while on site to check out the local populations of elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals, California sea lions and even the odd feral cat! We will wrap the diving at sunset and finish the day with a crab feast on the hot-tub deck under the Mexican sky.

Day 4

Cages open for diving from 0630 until sunset. As Captain Mike always says: "You can't see the sharks if you are not in the water". This isn't strictly true as the surface action with the white sharks can be almost as thrilling as being in the cages. Plus we will also have an underwater "shark cam" setup and constantly playing on the 42" plasma screen in the main salon.

Day 5

Our last dive day unfortunately. So sad. This is your last chance to beat the record of 31.5 hours of cage time over 3 dive days!! The diving will wrap at 5pm today and then it will be time to steam back to Ensenada. The seas will likely be an ocean swell of 6 feet or so which is relatively comfortable in a heavy, smooth riding ship like the Nautilus Explorer. Of course sometimes it will also be flat calm.

Day 6

Morning slideshow of the trip's highlights with copies for everyone to take home. Pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack and lunch (nobody ever goes hungry on the Nautilus Explorer!) arriving in Ensenada at approximately 1:30 PM for port clearance and coach transfers back to Tijuana and San Diego.

Pricing & Trip Details (Nautilus Explorer):
Luxury staterooms are available in three categories. Share a Standard room for $2995, a Superior stateroom for $3495 or a Premium stateroom for $4095. Additional charges include a $65 port fee paid on location, a recommended trip gratuity of 10-15%, bar tab, if any, and dive gear rental fee, if applicable. A slight fuel surcharge is also possible. Airfare to and from departure point is not included.

The Nautilus Explorer - Certified Safe & Sea Worthy
The Nautilus Explorer was custom built and Nautilus Explorer, Certified & Sea Worthylaunched in 2000 as a liveaboard expedition dive boat. Her heavy stabilized steel hull provides an easy ride across the open ocean. She is certified to the same exacting international standards as the largest cruise ship, and has earned a SOLAS passenger certificate to voyage anywhere in the world outside of the polar regions, the ultimate confirmation of seaworthiness and safety. We're also very particular about keeping the Nautilus Explorer ship-shape and spotlessly clean. In 2001, she received ISM certification from Lloyds Register. This is the marine equivalent of ISO 9000 and is your assurance that the ship's organization and support services are all first-rate. The ISM rating also means that the Nautilus Explorer undergoes regular internal and independent external audits to ensure that the vessel is always safe and well maintained. The Nautilus Explorer is the only Canadian berthed passenger vessel with this certification.

New Certified divers will love spending time in the Nautilus Explorer's new three-person submersible cages. Modeled after shark cages used in Australia, they can submerge to a depth of 40 feet. Dive tanks and regulators will be provided. Rebreather divers are welcome to bring their equipment.

The Nautilus Explorer - Incredible Comfort at Sea
The people behind the Nautilus Explorer have thought of just about everything! There's Nautilus Explorera hot tub, perfect for post-dive relaxing and socializing. The ship's main salon features a 42" plasma TV mounted above the ship's library. Next to the TV is a well stocked bar. (How well-stocked? Choose from over 40 microbrews and 50 kinds of wine.) The ship is very photographer friendly and the main lounge is fitted out with both a Mac and a PC, complete with Photoshop Elements for our guests' convenience. The salon's comfy couches will be calling out your name after a day in the cages. Although we doubt you'll spend much time in your stateroom, if you do, you'll find it first-rate too. While a dive boat isn't a cruise ship, you definitely won't be roughing it! Each Nautilus Explorer stateroom has its own private washroom and shower.

Crew Matters
It takes more than a great boat to make a great trip. It takes a great crew. Accompanying you to Isla Guadalupe will be a carefully selected team of 10 incredible people, including three divemasters, whose primary mission is to see to your safety and comfort. They'll work hard to make sure you enjoy maximum cage time, great food and wonderful customer service.

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Adventure Brochure

E-mail or call Cage Diver today for further details: 800 644-7382

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